Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome and Introduction
    • Welcome and Introduction
    • Welcome and Introduction
    • Resource List
  • 2
    Module 1: Attachment
    • Module 1: Part 1
    • Module 1: Part 2
    • Module 1: Part 3
    • Module 1: Attachment Quiz
  • 3
    Module 2: Trauma
    • Module 2: Part 1
    • Module 2: Part 2
    • Module 2: Trauma Quiz
  • 4
    Module 3: The Brain
    • Module 3: Part 1
    • Module 3: Part 2
    • Module 3: Part 3
    • Module 3: The Brain Quiz
  • 5
    Module 4: Behaviors
    • Module 4: Part 1
    • Module 4: Part 2
    • Module 4: Behaviors Quiz
  • 6
    Module 5: Self-Regulation
    • Module 5: Part 1
    • Module 5: Part 2
    • Module 5: Part 3
    • Module 5: Part 4
    • Module 5: Self-Regulation Quiz
  • 7
    Module 6: Appropriate Interventions
    • Module 6: Part 1
    • Module 6: Part 2
    • Module 6: Appropriate Interventions Quiz
  • 8
    Congratulations and Thank You!
    • Congratulations and Thank You!
    • Course Evaluation

Course Instructors

  • Lori Fangue

    LPC, Clinical Liaison, TBRI Educator

    Lori Fangue

    Lori’s passion for vulnerable children began in 1988 while watching heart-wrenching images of abandoned children in Romanian orphanages broadcasted over a news program. Since that life-changing memory, her path has brought her across the world with a mission to advocate for those whose voices are not heard. Lori graduated from the University of North Texas with an Applied Arts and Sciences degree in 2002 with a triple major in psychology, sociology, and criminal justice. She later went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2005. From 2006 to 2012, Lori partnered with various ministries to provide seminars and training related to complex developmental traumas in orphanages in Romania, Russia, Africa, and India. She finally found her way to CK Family Services (previously known as Covenant Kids) in June 2012 as a case manager. Since then Lori has had the opportunity to work within many programs at CK Family Services such as Foster Care, Matched Adoption, Post-Adoption, Behavioral Health, and Treatment Foster Care. Her roles include Parent Trainer, TBRI Educator, Curriculum Developer, Clinical Liaison and Therapist. Lori is a dedicated wife and bonus-mom to an amazing husband and three beautiful children, two daughters (19 years and 14 years old) and a son (16 years old). “When we empower children to relish and delight in their own preciousness, we are gifting them with the ability to better understand our Father’s love. It is in these moments that we are able to truly experience His unconditional, unwavering, and undeniable affections for each of us.” – Lori Fangue
  • Ryan North

    Treatment Foster Care Recruitment Specialist

    Ryan North

    Ryan is a nationally recognized trauma expert and ministry leader who has trained ministry leaders in trauma competent care and crisis intervention. He is a TBRI Practitioner and speaks at conferences, churches, and retreats nationwide. Ryan and his wife Kayla are also Alumni CK Foster/Adoptive Parents. They fostered and adopted four children through CK Family Services and Ryan serves as the board president for Tapestry. Ryan brings years of parenting experience, TBRI expertise, and podcasting acumen to the show. In addition to Foster Family Matters, you can hear him on The Empowered Parent Podcast and read his writing at One Big Happy Home and Empowered to Connect.